My Sunday Morning Walk @ Isla Verde

Waves coming into Isla VErde

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My Thoughts on the Image

Walking our 5 year old black labrador Juanga is sure a delight. During the week I usually alternate with my other half Lucy on walking him either in the morning or in the afternoon. For the past few weeks I have walked him during the morning on sundays.

A morning walk in Isla Verde on Sunday serves as a reminder that the week is ready to start. I catch a glimpse of those who arrive early at the beach trying to make the best of their weekend because many have to work tomorrow. Others who are still out from partying the night before throughout Isla Verde in the least appropriate attire from high heels to barely nothing.

As I walked I started seeing how the waves are picking up and as my good friend Mark Hayward explained when it’s cold up north we start getting waves down south.