My First Dumbo Flight

A passenger's view of the Dumbo Ride

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My Thoughts on the Image

Every kid wants to make it to Disney. My first recollection of thoughts wanting to go there was seeing my mom in a picture during the late 70’s where she was on the ride.

Since that moment that I was probably around the age of 7 I remember wanting to visit that magical place.  At the age of 25 on my first trip to California on business I was able to escape with my co-workers Robert Nodine and Yumi Nishiyama to Disneyland.  Those hours where one the funnest moments I had while working for KPMG.

At the age of 34 and on my 5th world Disney World visit and my 7th if I count my two visits to Disneyland I took my daughter on this ride and got on it for the first time.

This picture definitely has a deeper story that can’t be covered in just one thousand words.