Mourning the loss of a Key Twitter Follower!

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Online I see many individuals who keep a count on how many people they are followed by. Days ago we saw in Chris Brogan twitter experiment how he unfollowed many on twitter and little by little adding them.

Yesterday after enjoying an afternoon with family I went to read one of my favorite blogs and found a very disturbing message. I learned that someone who I had admired online had lost his life. Commenting on the same Facebook message that took me to my favorite blog I also saw this other note written by Amber Nyasaland which gave me the reason why Trey Pennington someone who I had interacted with online had taken his life.

Today, I mourn the loss of Trey Pennington (@treypennington). Trey took his own life today after a personal battle with the very real demon that is depression.

To Trey’s family and friends, I offer my condolences for a tragic loss. To those who didn’t know Trey, I offer this unconditional offer of help.

If you are depressed or know someone who is, I will try. I will help YOU find help. I will let you know that finding solid ground isn’t impossible, and that it’s not something you can or need to do alone. Please ask for help. Please ask for help for those who cannot find it for themselves. Please don’t let the darkness win.

Depression is not “being sad”. It is not “having a bad day”. Depression is an illness for which the stigmas need exposure and removal, and for which a universal solution will never be found. It takes us all, individually. One. By. One.

Rest peacefully, Trey. I hope you find the solace that you so desperately sought. I am so sorry to lose you. Today, we grieve for you. ~Amber Naslund

I met Trey via Olivier Blanchard  (@thebrandbuilder) and had exchanged many tweets with him over the last year. Months ago he had even spoken to me about finding a way to collaborate on a few things. We never got to finish our conversation on that particular subject and I guess now we never will.

It Really Bothers Me

In this case I have to say this is the first twitter contact I really lose. When people unfollow you on twitter (or other social platforms) that might mean they probably don’t want to interact on twitter or whatever platform anymore. But in this case when someone loses there life in whatever consequences then you really lose someone. There is a big difference in someone disconnecting a relationship and you loosing someone.

I really Enjoyed Talking to Trey

My conversations with Trey where very insightful and was very glad to have him as one of my twitter contacts and followers. The many reason was that I really enjoyed what Trey conveyed on twitter.

I never got the opportunity to meet him in person and shake his hand so I leave this blog post as substitute for that opportunity.

I have experienced in various occasions loved attempting suicide (and surviving) and others sadly ending their lives. When someone attempts suicide and they survive it can mean many things and it gives those around them time to look for solutions.  It can be a call for help and it is a lot easier to deal with.

In these times many of us have many issues that we need to deal with economical, personal, family issues, and many more. Feeling powerless is an experience many of us including myself have gone by in many occasions. Some of us are able to overcome them and some others make decisions that cannot be reversed.

One thing I really admired by Amber Naslund’s note was the fact that she is opening a channel to have anyone that feels that way to contact someone and look for help or support. I want to follow Amber’s lead and also open a channel of conversation if you feel this way. I will also commit to find you help and support you in anything I can just contact me.

Today I miss Trey Pennington and that opportunity to have met him in person one day. My condolences with his family as a new dad it makes it even harder for me to think of such a tragedy in a family. May Trey Rest In Peace and my prayers to him and his family.

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