More of this on Morning Radio Please!

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by LWY

A Flash Mob Campaign I would not mind to see happen In Puerto Rico.

Yesterday morning I spoke to some of my friends and tweeps regarding how people contaminated their heads during the day just listening to most Radio in the mornings, reading the local newspapers, or just watching the morning news. When I have to get into my car in the morning I listen to my friend @nelsonbermejo on the radio and once he is finished I either listen to @alfarockradio, @radioupr, or I listen to an audio book. I want what ever is coming out of my speakers to prepare me for the day, relax me, or teach me.

Like I have expressed on many occasions what a great job @nelsonbermejo does on morning radio. He gives a positive spin to Local Puerto Rico Radio and he shares good information throughout his morning show. Different to other radio stations in the morning where they recycle their raunchy corny jokes over and over again.

After participating in a Twitter Chat I had the opportunity to read some of @JennKim’s tweets and when she followed me on Twitter I went ahead and visited her Blog. To my surprise the first post (Operation Smile) I read really made me smile and I really thought if only we could have these kinds of exercises in the morning promoted by local radio it would really be great.

Watch the Video and let me know what you think!

Have you ever seen someone smile at you from another car?

What are your morning experiences like? How do you think and exercise like this can actually help your day?

Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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