Make it a Holiday

Image of Museo de Arte de Ponce's Gardens

To many people holidays are not voyages of discovery, but a ritual of reassurance.

 Phillip Adams

*|FNAME|*, if you celebrate today as a holiday then Happy Mother’s Day. If not, then make sure to enjoy your Sunday as much as I will.

To a certain extent I like the concept of Mother’s Day. What I don’t like is the fact that so much weight is put upon so many, that just to comply with society, they have to get or give an expensive Mother’s Day gift.

I also want to clarify that the women who have influenced me over time, have done so in a positive manner and I wish I could give them a gift every day.

Admiring Women and Mother’s Should be Every day

My biggest concern with Mother’s Day is that we don’t appreciate them enough the rest of the year and try to make up for it on a specific day.

I try to be grateful when it comes to my various mentors who also happened to be moms, especially my mom and my other half Lucy.

I also know many women who are not moms but they nurture those around them and some of them go beyond what some moms, that have kids, could ever do when it comes taking care of others.

I can create a long list of women mentors throughout my life but I would stray away from the main subject here which is why such a holiday is important but sadly too commercial.

My Holidays are…

I personally take holidays as regular days. For me a holiday is any day I get to enjoy time with those I admire, respect, and love.

I guess that not being able to be close to my mom for many Mother’s Day, has made me realize that I have to appreciate her when she is next to me not on a special date.

The past few years my mom was able to spend Mother’s Day here on the Island. Today she will spending time with my brother and rest of my family in Connecticut.

Make any Day a Holiday

So my advice to you is that by taking control of your life and understanding that certain moments happen without planning, you can make the best of your days outside of any holiday.

For those of you that don’t have your mom near you, feel free to take some time to enjoy the positive memories and make the best of your day in their honor.

So are you into holidays? What is your favorite one?