Lessons from Juanga On How to Tackle a Large Bone

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On many occasions we do think we are capable of doing mostly anything. We forget we are human and super hero (or Papá Heroes) powers are only in our heads but not fully functional. I have had my fair share of episodes where I agreed to work on a project either for a client or collaborated on that I found to big to handle. If I am collaborating it is much easier because I can just ask for help but if you have already quoted a client a certain amount of hours and money, you have no choice but to continue with the commitment.

When we have the opportunity to work on a project, we might thinks is too large to handle and we lose energy when thinking about all the details. When we take this approach we really don’t help ourselves. Instead of looking for solutions, we stop and stare on what a large project it seems to be without attacking it head on. In the process of deciding if we could handle it or not we loose precious time.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

A few weeks ago we bought Juanga a huge bone. One that is probably twice the size of those we normally we buy for him. Buying toys for Juanga is a bit difficult and a waste of money since he can tear thru them in minutes. We have found that some of these rawhide bones we buy are the perfect toy to keep him busy.

Juanga was very excited at first when he received the bone (much like I get when I get a new project). Hours later Juanga became frustrated at the little progress he had on chewing and tearing thru the bone. Much different to many of us Juanga, kept at it and it did take him a few days but at this moment the bone is in pieces and a bit of a mess.


Different to some of us when Juanga became frustrated it just gave him more energy to continue going at it.

Taking it One Piece at a Time

I studied him and it was curious how he took it piece by piece until he had weakened a pretty good area.

Asking for Help

I understand Juanga was frustrated when he started crying and handed me the bone on a few occasions. He normally works on it when I am hold it in my hand  and uses my force as assistance. Even my four-legged son Juanga realizes that by involving others he can have a better outcome.

In many occasions we feel we have not been able to attack something in the way we wanted. Life throws us many huge bones or large issues which we might feel are unmanageable.

Why don’t we take Juanga’s approach and apply persistence, fragmenting tasks, and asking for help? One or many of those factors might be  help us move forward and desintegrate that bone into pieces much like Juanga did!

Any issues you might find difficult to handle at your job , personal life or even as a parent where you might need to try a different approach to get better results?


  1. Gabriele Maidecchi on July 5, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Perseverance and team-working are the best aspects of a healthy company. Don’t give up at the first difficulty, but know beforehand what you can tackle and what you can’t, otherwise you’ll just waste your time on something out of your reach. You can’t achieve everything all the time, so having realistic goals will help you build your future in a much more consistent way.
    It’s not something you learn overnight, it takes years of practice and I often find myself realizing I said “yes” to something too quickly, but I feel that’s the joy of learning.

    • Raul Colon on July 5, 2011 at 3:27 pm

      I have said yes to far to many people I should have said no LOL. But it has also helped me filter out other options in the future. 

      I agree with you Gabriele it is all in the practice.