Keep Your Productivity Up With A Simple Routine

The moon this morning around 6am!

First thing I am going to do today is clear my tasks list and create one that helps me start the day with fresh tasks.

Why do we Create such Long Lists of To Do’s?

We love creating to do lists and making them long. We think that by having these crazy lists we can operate and the reality is that we only make our lives harder and our days less productive.

My business partner and friend Chris Brogan mentioned on his newsletter that he only plans 40% of his day with tasks. This helps him keep consistent progress and feel productive.

My friend Becky McCray chooses 6 tasks every day and she does not get out of her seat until she finishes them all. Becky and Chris’ methods help you focus on something that is attainable every day.

She makes continuous progress by getting the list of 6 completed and making it to her morning meeting.

Working Smarter Not Harder

If someone can be efficient and handle a big workload its Becky. Whether its running her cattle ranch, liquor store, consulting projects, or writing her next book, there is progress from this simple productivity method.

I love to create different ways to work. More times than usual, I get carried away and it affects my productivity in a negative way. Sometimes I have more than 6 scheduled tasks in a day. Those tasks might not be as organized as I would like them to be. I find myself jumping from one place to the other to get them done.

Focus On What is Important

Consolidating and looking at the top 6 every day is something I have to get better at.

When I apply the top 6 list routine, my day becomes more productive. Just the fact that you feel that you completed tasks also fuels you to keep the progress over a long period of time.

What process do you use to stay productive? How many tasks on average do you have during the day?