Being Reminded by Juanga that I’m a Role Model

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

I have been observing Juanga for the last few months on how he will not eat unless I sit down to eat. I literally have to sit down and eat at the dining table so Juanga can follow along and eat his food.

Being that Juanga is family (more like my 4-legged son)  I worry when he does not eat.

I do everything possible to make get some food into his stomach. I have also realized that he is always a few steps behind me trying to copy most of what I do (sometimes I try to remind him that he is a dog).

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto RicoUsing my experiences with Juanga makes me understand that when we’re online we don’t realize that many people might act upon our our actions.

The same way it took me a few weeks to actually realize Juanga was waiting on me to eat, sometimes we miss out on people acting upon what we post online.

If we take a look at the Engagement Pyramid included in @charleneli’s book Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You LeadPhotos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico (Amazon Affiliate Link) we can confirm that most people are watching and consuming content but creating no action.

It’s difficult to measure when someone is watching your tweets, facebook status, or updates on LinkedIn.

On many occasions  people take action over something you write online and you never find out. While at Bar Camp San Juan I had the opportunity to meet up with @muriente who I met last year at @chirp. While talking to him I found out that he bought Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and PurposePhotos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico based on a few tweets I sent out while reading the book.

On the other side people forget that everything you write online can influence people in many ways on the positive side or negative. side.

In some occasions we get chosen to be Role Model’s and we don’t realize it. Being an online role model should be everyone’s job although it is easy to forget in the online environment how easily you can influence many.

In my case every morning while I eat breakfast and I see Juanga follow my lead.  Juanga helps remind me that I am being watched at all times online and offline.

How do you remind yourself that you  are a role model to your community (online and offline)?

What things do you do to make sure you are being the best role model you can be?