It’s Not about the Turkey! Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Chick

This is my 5th Thanksgiving as a vegetarian. It is actually curious how here in Puerto Rico many people have such a hard time that I will not be having turkey today. I guess many people think it is about the Turkey and Blackfriday but I wanted really wanted to share my thoughts on Thanksgiving.

My first Thanksgiving without Turkey started in 2006 and I remember people had so many issues. I was very lucky that someone on my team was Vegan and at least at work we where ordered Vegetarian food for our Team Thanksgiving Lunch.

I guess most people are so focused on the Consumer aspect of Thanksgiving. During this week I try to give thanks for the opportunity of being able to live another year. I also try to payback helping out in some way for those who are not as fortunate as I.

I normally don’t share this but I quietly do random acts that might make someone’s day a lot easier or better. From paying for someone’s gas while they go back to get there wallet to make sure someone that lives in the streets has a meal (I do this year round).

A month ago I read this Amazing post “How You Could Help” by @chrisbrogan which really helped me focus on helping other during the last month. I had the opportunity to meet @chrisbrogan personally during the Inbound Marketing Summit he really made me feel at home during the Inbound Marketing Summit making sure to introduce a few people and chat with me (He really is a great person online and offline).

Me and Chris Brogan | Inbound Marketing Summit 2010

I have been reading @chrisbrogan’s blog & bought his book Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn TrustPhotos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico which I have enclosed as an Amazon Affiliate Link for those of you who are interested in getting a copy (I highly recommend it).

I want to thank @chrisbrogan for being a great mentor during this year. For this reason I want to share @chrisbrogan’s ten tips on how you could help (to read the complete post click here).


  • Donate a few bucks to, and then ask your friends to do the same.
  • Refer jobs you can’t fulfill to others so they can get some work.
  • Read to your children. That helps me immensely.
  • Tell people they’re loved, especially people who don’t feel very loved.
  • Send movies to people recovering from chemo.
  • Buy a few extra books and give them to your local library.
  • Watch a few episodes of Invisible People and put a $5 in someone’s hand next time.
  • Comment on the up and comer’s blogs with as much kindness as you do on mine.
  • Share with your significant other how much you appreciate him or her, for all that she or he does to support your efforts to grow.
  • Make something. Anything. Use your thoughts and ideas and your abilities and make something as opposed to commenting or reflecting. Do something.

This list really helped on my side I have completed most of them. I am still working on the Following and I am sharing my plan:

  • I have not been able to donate to, because they have no option for individuals residing in Puerto Rico. So I will make sure to donate to two local charities I recommend you also to donate:
    • @sasfapr ( A No Kill Animal Shelter in Puerto Rico)
    • @serpuertorico (An organization which focuses  on helping people with disabilities)
  • I have not read to Children. I guess when Daniela Finally arrives next month that will help me out.
  • Send movies to people recovering from Chemo. There is also a Local Puerto Rico @GoGogoFND charity helping kids with Cancer. I think probably buying a few children’s movies and sending them their way would be a great idea.
  • I am still lookin for a local library to donate a few books.

I will also quote @chrisbrogan when a few days ago on a twitter Chat he shared the following words.

If you don’t have Money Donate Time!

If you don’t have time then Donate Money!

Even by creating awareness with others about good charities that need help you are doing a lot more than most people.

What things to do you do to give thanks? What other charities do you think I should include on the list below?

And for those of you that still think I should be having Turkey during Thanksgiving. Please Watch the following video (Thanksgiving Vegetarian Humor for you)!