Importance of Taking Action After You Find Good Advice

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I love reading and I enjoy it a lot. Lately tring to run my business and the various blogs I manage with the help of @Lucymfel, Deborah Charnes and @ricklipsett I have found it very difficult to spend as much time reading as a use to.

Before I had a time set during the day to read a book. Lately I have been using that time to write around 1500 words which I split up into various blog posts. I also always carry around my iPad which I read my favorite online magazines, blogs, and the few ebooks I have bought and/or downloaded. The iPad makes it easier for me to read content and have it accesible so I usually like to consume it on that device.

No Device can make me take action on the Advice I find

Although the iPad makes it easier for me to read content it certainly does not make me execute on the advice  I find when I read. Although these devices can help in taking notes and even creating tasks it is up to you to execute and take action.

Taking Notes

No matter if you are reading a physical book or a blog online you should take notes on any information you find might help yourself or your business. I have always taken notes on books I read but now there are many more ways to take notes especially on e-book readers whre they can all be stored and easily searched. I usually carry a Moleskin Note Pad and a Pen but I also have my iPhone, and iPad right at hand to jot down any notes that are too long to jot down on the book.

Normally if it is a physical book I go ahead and make the notes on the border if I am reading an e-book I usually go ahead and highlight key phrases or words of the book I have found useful.

Jumping from One Book to the Other

When I read a book I usually create a review of the book after I finish this way I can make sure that I am going over what I learned . It also helps me decide what takeaways from the book I want to put into action. Before I move towards another book I usually assign myself a few tasks related to my reading so I can execute them and use them on future projects or opportunities. Also that review of the book will help me refresh my mind if I have to go back to a book because there was a specific case study or lesson I want to reference.

Using Books as a Reference

One of the advantages of buying most of my books and keeping them on my iPad is that I can easily reference them everywhere I carry my iPad. So if I have a question that one of those books can help me answer it might be a good idea to go into the E-book reader on my iPad load the book and answer my questions. (for the really useful books I also keep them on my iPhone)

There is a so much content for you to consume I have to thank @joesorge, @chrisbrogan, and @ducttape for reminding me to take action on what you learn. By coincidence one of the books I have implemented and taken action upon has been Jon Jantsch book Referral Engine. which I received as a gift from John himself at the previous years Inbound Marketing Summit 2010.

How do you make the most of your reading?

What steps do you have in place to take action upon it?