I’m quitting Photography for the Moment

Morning Run...

I have dug myself deep into photography for the past year or so.

I finally have realized that I am treating it as more of a hobby than anything else.

I have invested a good amount of time in the past year in understanding the craft. It is expensive to get into photography if you don’t have a revenue model. The reality is that there are many more talented photographers than I am.

Investing My Time Where I Make an Impact

I have a business to run and I need to get it where it needs to be. I also feel that I don’t have much competition in the quality of services we provide at Limonade Inc.

So I am going to take an undefined break from photography.

I need to focus my efforts on building the proper support systems for myself in my business.

Following My Own Advice

I need to do what I tell my clients to do so I am taking my own advice.

I have identified many proven revenue sources at Limonade Inc. that can help me move forward. When I identify a revenue source for photography, I may come back.

I get lots of compliments and I am grateful for them. But with compliments and likes, I am not able to provide a better situation for my family.

There are a handful of people that have support my photography by buying a print, canvas, or even digital copies of them. Those few folks have allowed me to buy some photography equipment and I am grateful for that.

I have Failed at Getting a Return on Investment

There is no Return on Investment in photography for me at the moment. I coach my clients about identifying opportunities to see if people will buy certain services or products they offer.

Yes, a lot of people mention they enjoy watching my photography online. Others even take the photography for free. But few are willing to prove how much they love it by buying a piece.

My Camera Needs to Be Fixed

I have really used my camera to the point of no return. Occasionally it will not turn on. It is out of warranty and replacing it or fixing it is out of my budget for the moment. That factor also makes me realize, I need to step away until I can replace it.

See What I want to Share on My Newsletter

I still have tons of photos I have taken. I will be sharing those on my newsletter and here on the blog from time to time.

As a subscriber to my newsletter, you will get to see some of the work I have not published.

It’s Ok to Quit

If things are not where they should be and you have other priorities, feel free to make a shift.

You may be passionate about something, but if will not get you to the next level, your passion has to take a back seat.



  1. Shannon Lee Gilstad on October 2, 2015 at 11:57 am

    I hope you don’t quit, but I’m at a similar crossroads with my photography.