I like it when you give me Cookies?

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I like it when you give me Cookies? I don’t like you all the time!

I saw this video at an event where @lucymfel and I were getting ready to be new parents. Talking with @lucymfel we where able to identify how some people act this way online and offline . What makes the situation more complicate  is that they are a lot older than the baby in this video.

Offline is a lot easier for you to identify this behavior by reading the person’s body language. People in person might think twice in acting in such a foolish way.

I personally have been able to establish great relationships via online channels and social media. By studying the characteristics of people online we can reach many conclusions. Some people harm others online using the excuse that the online persona is a character for entertainment. This does not take away from the damage that person is creating. I see day by day how many people try to tarnish other people’s images but then claim themselves to be good people in real life because they where just acting like an online character.

How do you distance your actions online that are affecting real people from your actions as a real person? In my opinion both actions are the same.

Using social media channels is about creating relationships. The same way that if in real life you decide that you have nothing in common with a person you should disconnect the same thing should happen online. Once you see you have nothing in common with those people you interact it is best to disconnect from those toxic people. Why do We stay near TOXIC People!

Be very careful when distancing yourself since some individuals might be offended if you unfriended or un-followed them. If someone takes that attitude you can clearly see you should have never extended a connection to them in the first place and it is best to ignore them.

When using social media platforms it is all about the relationships by creating new connections, openly sharing ideas. experience, and respecting everyone’s opinions.

My recommendation to everyone participating online to listen and learn from your communities.  Joining the conversation to contribute value by having a solid point can help you build healthy  relationships. I see how on many occasions people jump into the conversation with a simple I don’t agree or I don’t like. Criticism is good when it can be constructive and educational.

Some individuals also think that by having some influence makes it ok to manipulate people. Real influence does not mean you need to spam people to get attention or an action. Real Influence also does not have to make you negotiate giving up your values or making people give up theirs so you can get your message across.

Real influence projects a call to action and gets results.!

How many people do you know that like you only when you give them cookies? Any advice on how to deal with them?

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