How women have Influenced & Mentored Me…

How I Have been Blessed with Women Mentoring Me

Starting of this post I guess we all have had been led or influenced by women.

I can quickly name two very important women who lead me during my first years of life(and till this day motivate me and influence me) my Mother Sylvette and my Grandmother Lydia.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

My First Woman Mentor Grandmother Lydia and I. Circa Christmas 1980

I think these two women have complemented themselves since both of them are so different I have always had their support.

When my parents moved to Connecticut and I stayed behind in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico I have had many spiritual mothers who have closed those gaps of when I needed a woman figure to hand me advice.

From my High School Religion teacher Mrs. Gonzalez which to this day I talk too periodically  (she is more like family) to women in met in the military and along my career as an IT Consultant who have really gone the extra mile to help me out or give me guidance.

These last few days I have been involved in a Locally Based (Puerto Rico) Global Effort to help increase the reach and the presence of the Women’s Leadership Network along my firm CIMA IT Solutions Corp.

Locally I can say that women are very present in many key positions of various companies here in Puerto Rico.
I have had the opportunity to work along a new team of people who all have lots to contribute and a different perspective on how to approach things.
So far we have established presence for this new network on various online channels:


Image of Facebook for Doral Bank Women's Leadership Network.


Twitter Page Screenshot of Women's Leadership Network.


LinkedIn Screenshot of Women's Leadership Network.

I have also had the opportunity to share articles related to women’s leadership. This exercise only makes my respect and admiration for the huge sacrifices women in key leadership positions make looking out for the well being of their families.

During my career I have had great Women Mentors who have guided and given me great insight on how to approach many challenges. Most of the advice received from these Great Women Mentors helped me reach key career goals. I have kept communication with most of them and as I look back if I would not have had them things would probably have been more difficult.

Via many online channels I have also met many women who I follow and really appreciate conversing with them. I do recommend following the following women who I consider leaders and might possibly influence you in a positive way.

9 Women I Follow and I Recommend for You to do the Same:

Lucilla Feliciano (@lucymfel)

  • IT & Career Consultant
  • Website –
  • Twitter – @lucymfel

Laura (@Laura)

  • Apoyo Internacional en Twitter
  • Twitter –

Patricia Gallardo (@patygallardo)

  • Public Relations Consultant

Karima Catherine (@karimacatherine)

  • Business Consultant
  • Personal Blog –
  • LinkedIN –
  • Facebook –
  • Twitter –

Jennifer Ramirez (@tropicalbloom)

  • Owner of Tropical Bloom Inc.
  • LinkedIN –
  • Facebook-
  • Twitter –

Damaris De Jesus (@damarisdj)

  • Psicologa
  • Twitter –

I also leave you this interesting list of Work Life Balance – 11 Strategies For Women Entrepreneurs” you share with all the women entrepeneurs and leaders you know.If you would also like to nominate any Woman Leader please feel free to include the name in the comments with as much information as you have from them. I will more than gladly include them in my list.

  1. Have the right mindset or attitude
  2. Plan for the important things first
  3. Be gentle with yourself-put yourself first
  4. Match your life work balance life-cycle with your business life cycle
  5. Work hard-just do it!
  6. Get help-outsource or swap!
  7. Communicate with all important folk in your life about the why you’re doing it
  8. Always keep life work balance in mind-even if it can’t happen straight away
  9. Keep yourself fit and healthy
  10. Stop feeling guilty!
  11. The slow road is just as valid if it works for you

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How many women mentors have you had?

How have they made a positive change in your work environment?