How not to Handle a Hotel’s Social Media Presence

Courtyard Marriott

For years I have been working with clients on how to manage their online efforts. I can assure you that the way the Courtyard of Isla Verde is managing their online responses is not the right way.

At one point, I advised a few hospitality industry clients on how to use these tools.

A few days ago I decided I wanted to join a group called Coalición de Playas para el Pueblo.

This group is made up of environmental activists protecting a small piece of land in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. 

They are also protecting:

  1. The Eco-System of a protected Coral Reef
  2. The right for every citizen to have access to the beach.
  3. Many endangered species from fauna to flora.

So in essence, they are making sure that a surfer or a family can enjoy the beach without having to stay in a hotel.

No Apology from Courtyard

The last few days I have been trying to get an apology for the fact that a Marriott employee ran over a group of activists.

The Marriott has resorted to using violence to remove this group who has protected the land for over a decade.

Tweeting on the Defensive

Instead of an apology, I got the following Tweets:

Marriott tweets


I had enough evidence to prove them wrong from different video takes. I also have access to actual footage where you can see the employee running over activists; it made them block me on twitter.

Courtyard Hotel Blocking me on Twitter

How not to Respond to Reviews

Since they decided to deny that the employee caught on video ran over the activists, I decided to leave a review on the hotel as many others have done.

I used to frequent the hotel when I lived in the states, I have been to events in the hotel, and played in the Casino. At one point when I worked for a large firm in the states, the Marriott was the brand of choice. So I have stayed at that property as a guest on many occasions.

Instead of appreciating my years of loyalty to the Marriott brand, the Marriott Courtyard of Isla Verde decided to type a canned response which you can see below.

This is the Courtyard's canned response.

Isla Verde Courtyard Review Response

My Review and other comments

Isla Verde Courtyard Review

Responding and Deleting

Message with Canned Response

Isla Verde Courtyard Review

After Deleting Messages

Isla Verde Courtyard Review

Since they have been responding aggressively and deleting messages, I have stored screen captures.

If you run any type of business especially a hotel, you should not be writing this type of responses to anyone.

Especially when there is evidence that one of your employees ran over a crowd of people with intent to hurt them.

We need your help?

So I ask you to do the following.

  1. Send them a tweet. Let the Marriott know we need a public apology on the violent actions of their employees.
  2. Sign the petition on to protect the beach.

So far we have not gotten a response on any of their violent actions. I only wonder if their employees realize how the Marriott is exploiting them.