Have You fallen for Deceptive Ads like These?

I have fallen many times for Deceptive Ads

While visiting @thebrandbuilder’s blog today I realized that as much as I thought I was a very demanding customer I am probably not.
Although I wish I had the talent of the @thebrandbuilder (Olivier Blanchard, a person who I admire greatly since he is currently writing his book and handling many other things on his plate while keeping his blog up to date with great content), I will try to explain the reason why I probably have fallen a few times to deceptive advertising.
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I remember back in elementary school when  I read an article on how ads for foods where actually manipulated in some occasions even using different ingredients to make the food items more appealing. I remember having read on how they really did not use milk in those commercials where it is being poured into cereal or just creating that effect. I did realize that my milk was not as white as in the commercial (might be the reason why I drink Soy Milk now) but I kept on consuming it.
Later on I did realize how great burgers, tacos, and fries look on the menu’s and how different they look on your plate. But I guess in most occasions since I am such a fast eater I did not really take a look at what I am eating. (Being a fast eater  was a great advantage only while in Boot Camp and many other military exercises when I was a soldier of the U.S. Army. The rest of my life it has only gotten me in trouble.)
When I visited the @thebrandbuilder’s Ads vs. reality: The fast food stink test I realized on how many occasions I had been deceived and not done anything about it.
Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico
source: www.boredpanda.com
I think that @thebrandbuilder and the creator of the photographs which I recommend you to see them all (Fast Food – Ads vs. Reality) are creating great awareness on a problem that has existed for as long as I remember.
Right in line with the following video which @thebrandbuilder included in his post from the movie Falling Down where Michael Douglas (Who announced yesterday on the David Letterman Show he has throat cancer and I request your prayers or good vibes get sent his way) I feel sometimes like I am the imbalanced one when I am requesting good customer service.

Once you see the video I can easily identify myself. But are we Imbalanced or is it just as the manager of the Whammyburger stated that the policy of his company did not believe in the customer is always right golden rule .

In my case instead of wanting breakfast I want an item turned into a veggie option and in some occasions I am told that they cannot serve me the item without meat or with a meatless substitute. So on the occasions I get my veggie option I thought that my item came out lucking not as great as in the Ad it was because it had been modified from its original ingredients ( a bit of veggie option humor).

I agree with the @thebrandbuilder (Olivier Blanchard) that the same rules should apply for everything just as jewelry  cars, electronics, and others but in reality we sometimes gauge things depending on our daily needs or what we are accustomed to receive.

I think we need to take the great insight from @thebrandbuilder (Olivier Blanchard) and the great work completed from Dario to start requesting better customer service from many aspects.

How many times have you fallen for these deceptive ads and done nothing to correct it?

What do you think would be the right approach towards fixing this ongoing issue?

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  1. Felixs Moroyoqui on January 29, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    I think technically we would be able to demand the restaurant giving us a dish similar to the plate they advertise.