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My favorite platform to get information and communicate for the last few months has been Google + since my Business partner Chris Brogan mentioned he was writing a Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes EverythingPhotos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico(Affiliate Link)  I started counting the days towards it release.

The first few days using the platform Chris lead the way in helping many like me that where interested in learning more about Google Plus in understanding the Basic initial features. I have seen how many of his suggestions have also made into the platform.

Video Book Review

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Google + Book

The book is divided into 14 chapters of content that I found very useful.  Chris shares great insight online for free so imagine how committed he was towards giving you great tips if you bought his book.

Chris covers and answers many of the questions people still have on why you should use Google + like.

  • Why should I have presence on Google +?
  • What other Google Products work in synergy with Google +?
  • What should I have on my Profile? What impact it has to have an incomplete profile?
  • Why should I start on Google + when others are not there yet?
  • How to blend Business with personal on Google+?

Other tips that are pretty much applicable to multiple platforms are more directed towards community and how that translates towards having a solid online presence strategy a lot of the things we are offering and helping our clients via Human Business Works.

It is critical to blend your personality and personal touch towards your Google + efforts

A Day in the Life

If you need a clearer picture on how other experienced and successful Business executives and small Business owners use Google Plus. Chris gives you a breakdown of how they use Google+ by interviewing the following experienced resources.

If you are also looking into how you can use Google Plus in your profession Chris sort of creates a playbook and guide for the following professions:

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Author
  • The Reporter
  • Sales Executive
  • The Educator
  • Photographer
  • Business Executive

Importance of The Profile

Chris emphasized on various occasions the importance of setting up your profile correctly. He shares various tips and guidance on setting up your profile using some great examples.


He explains what Circling means and how you can create Circles to enhance your Google Plus Experience. He also gives you some tips on what accounts you should circle in a way to make the best out of your Google Plus experience. He also shares a few circle tricks.

Posting and Content Strategy

As with any other online effort knowing what to post and developing a content strategy is critical. If you are a business there are also suggestions on business pages.

Sharing Workflow

For those that know me, can tell you that I am in love with setting up simple processes. I love creating processes to enhance experience, increase opportunities, be more efficient with tasks at hand, and with the overall goal of being effective.

The fact that Chris shared his workflow in this book gives the book even more value. If you don’t want to read the whole thing (although I prefer you do) feel free to browse over the chapter where he includes a Sharing Workflow. This by itself will help you enough to get an understanding the Google Plus Eco-System.

If you have no idea on how to improve your presence on Google Plus you need to read into the workflow Chris has set up. I can assure you that you will increase engagement and even individuals interested in connecting you if you follow it.

Are you still not convinced that you need to get on Google Plus?

I can assure you if you read this book it will give you many other reasons why you need to get on Google Plus as of yesterday.

Any questions on the Google Plus platform?

Buy the Book

Disclosure : I am a Strategic Business Partner of Chris Brogan at Human Business Works. I did buy the book because I have been a fan of Chris way before I started my business relationship with him. Although I maintain this business relationship with Chris I don’t think it influenced my review of the book. If you want to find out what we are doing at Human Business Works feel free to take a peek.