Glimpse of Old San Juan

Pictures of Puerto Rico taking inside El Museo del Niño Old San Juan

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You deserve to have a digital copy of some of the pictures I have taken of Puerto Rico.


My Thoughts on the Image

Sometimes as we look from the inside of an entity we think we have everything figured out.

Just when I get close to feeling I have something figured out, that is when I decide to dig deeper. For the past 10 years I have been a lot more cautious when it comes to relationships both business and personal.

Working in toxic business environments has steered me towards observing before taking action. As I seek better opportunities while keeping the good relationships I have built, I continue to observe.

Taking Pictures of Puerto Rico has made me even more observant of my surroundings. It also helps me see what before I would have missed. In essence not only is photography becoming a hobby and income source, it is making me a better person.

Are you glancing at your surroundings or are you truly observing?

Listen and Observe and everything will be better.