Is this a Lame PR Stunt By Geraldo Rivera?

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Was Geraldo Rivera’s tweet a stunt to get him more followers?

I have seen Geraldo pull some really strange stunts. I always find him to use his ethnicity as a get out of jail card. In the same way I can’t say I can relate to most of the things he does to benefit himself economically.

A Call to Black & Latino Parents? WTF?

I am not sure if I have to thank Geraldo for giving me tip of telling my nephews and young family members not to wear a hoodie because it might get them killed. Thankfully on the Island of Enchantment we have no need for Hoodies but for my family members in Connecticut they are used to stay warm not assault others.

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I guess Geraldo’s point of view is very similar to Amaury Nolasco’s comment on Puerto Rican being Drug Dealers. Is Geraldo saying that every black and latino that wears a hoodie is ready to go to some harm to someone else. I wore hoodies when I grew up in Connecticut and it was to keep my head and ears warm not because I was going to mug someone.

Once again Geraldo confirms that the reason why Trayvon Martin was killed was because he was wearing a hoodie.

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It is my Fault for Putting Geraldo Up to High Standards

Geraldo comes from the old school mentality of any “PR is Good PR” and my guess is that given how very little of him we see know days he is desperate to do something that will bring the spotlight upon him.

We know how in 2003 he gave the location of U.S. Troops by being a an embedded war correspondent. I always questioned the motives of why he did that. The only times Geraldo does a great job at mentioning his ethnicity of being Puerto Rican is when he is using our nationality as if we where “La Cosa Nostra”. Example when he interviewed Charles Manson and told him that he had a Few Puerto Rican friends that defend him. My biggest concern with Geraldo is how he uses ties to Puerto Rico when it benefits him.

I tried finding where Geraldo stated that he would use his Puerto Rican friends to defend him but I was not able to find it.

In conclusion I think Geraldo is so out of touch and an F-list celebrity that he is trying to grab more followers or using the old school tactic that any PR is good PR?


Before I published this post Geraldo Tweeted a few more times trying to defend his point of view.

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After reading the previous tweet my main concern is how Geraldo is creating awareness of the risks of “Minority Kids” Wearing hoodies but I don’t see how someone with his connection is addressing the issue of how the attacker almost got away with the irresponsible action he commited.

Maybe Geraldo won a few cool points with me becase he was transparent enough to share his sons feelings via the following tweet.

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I don’t agree with Geraldo and I still question his motives of writing something so controversial when I know he is a very intelligent man or maybe I am overestimating him.

What do you think was Geraldo’s Objective with these tweets?

If you want to see what Geraldo said feel free to visit the Latino Rebels site


  1. Prometeo on March 24, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    Gerlado loves to stir racially motivated controversies. Do you remember this?: