Feeling Presidential before my Presentation thanks to ISACA & @caribehilton

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Today I am writing my morning pages here from the Presidential Suite at the Caribe Hilton. I have always been a fan of this hotel since there is so much history tied to it. This is the first Hilton outside the Continental U.S. and Conrad Hilton won the proposal to build this hotel given that he was the only well known Hotelier that answered the proposal in Spanish since he had learned Spanish while in Grade School.

A few months ago President Obama came to visit us and we all know how quickly he left so I guess since he never uses the Presidential Suite at the Caribe Hilton they had no choice but to have me sleep in it for a night. Maybe next to the Air Force One and White House this suite is not as big as what he is used too. In my case I am so use to staying in Tiny Hotel rooms with the exception of The @Colonnade a few weeks earlier that gave me a comfortable room. The funny part is that every time I get an upgrade of this kind for some reason @lucymfel is not with me.

I am also talking today about Corporate Guidelines in Social Media Efforts and after receiving the VIP treatment by ISACA and the Caribe Hilton I have to say that it has been very easy to relax and get ready for the presentation.

I will be posting a video of the Presidential Suite at the Caribe Hilton, will be also sharing a few pictures of the experience, will be uploading my Presentation on Corporate Social Media Guidelines online for you to review in a later post possibly tomorrow.

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