Enchanting Day 2 SXSW

Early morning every one was trying to get breakfast so you could find lines every where to grab a bite. Arrived and made it to @BeckyMcCray’s session on Small Town Entrepreneurs since I have found some great insight on her blog smallbizsurvival.com.  I think her insight was very useful when it comes to the way business in Puerto Rico is handled. I finally found a way to explain to small businesses why they should be proud of being small and a few examples where they have a competitive advantage over larger companies. I have always enjoyed reading Becky’s blog and it was well worth listening to her sessions since I got many ideas that will be very useful and I will share in future posts.

Later on I was able to meet and talk for a few minutes with Cisco’s Social Media Manager and also Actor @timwasher. After I met up with @cc_chapman and @marketingprofs (Ann Handley) and got to meet Ann in person while her and CC signed two copies of their book.

After that I went to the Samsung Bloggers Lounge where I have been able to meet some awesome people. I was able to chat and meet Guy Kawasaki himself in an environment where not many people where around him . I have to say it made my day and was awesome since he signed and gave me a complimentary copy of his book Enchantment with the words “Resistance is Futile”.

After that I decided to walk to the Latino Link session held by @joekutchera and Ana Grace from Best Buy. Where I had the opportunity to meet @louispagan who I have been chatting with for a good amount of time and @papiblogger.

The next session I went to was @ketye’s Latinas In Tech session where she shared some insight on other female bloggers that are making the difference. I think it was very sweet of Kety that she used her opportunity to shine the spotlight with other Latina Bloggers like my friend @fitarella.

Overall I had the opportunity to meet many people doing innovating things and was able to connect with many of them.







  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for making out to our early morning panel. I’m so pleased to know that you found some useful information in our talk, and I look forward to seeing you at Small Biz Survival.

    • Raul Colon

      Becky, I also enjoy Small Biz Survival and I have commented in the past. I will be catching up on my favorite blogs this week. I hope you made it home safely and thanks again for sharing great content on your blog and during the session.