Easy Way to Share Video

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On my visit to SXSW (South by Southwest) I was able to meet Jade Kurian president of Latakoo a video service that makes creating and sharing video easier. They also made me create a short video based on my SXSW experience.

Creating Video Easier

The reason I stopped at the Latakoo booth on the Trade Show Floor was because I have huge issues creating video. I know I need to learn more about it and as I experiment I see even more need for improvements.

There are so many moving parts to creating online video include having hardware, software, an idea, connection, and lots of time on the part of uploading the video your sharing.

Video Glitch by Skype Recorder

Jade Kurian was nice enough to offer me an online video interview via skype which I attempted to record using Skype Recorder.

During the interview I learned a lot from Jade and the many benefits that Latakoo offers as an online video platform. A few days went by and when I went to edit the video I realized that the audio on my video was not recorded and my video image was still in one frame. Confirming my learning curve when it comes to creating video.

Since the video I attempted to record seems looks more like a monologue I rather focus on the three key benefits I see in Latakoo.

Time Saver

When you upload a video to Youtube and other services, Latakoo makes it quicker for you to bring any video online. So if you are covering an event for your blog or have a need to bring video up as quick as possible then Latakoo is a the platform you may want to use as your first option.


With Latakoo you can also share videos with a group of specific people such as friends or family members. The main reason I set up a website with security for my daughter was because I did not want everyone having access to her photos and videos. If you are not in the business of building websites and want to have a secure platform, sharing videos on Latakoo can provide that for you.

Remote Collaboration

When you work online sometimes you want to share quality video with someone at another location. With most platforms I know of there are too many steps in the process.

I can also take care of clients in England, Mexico, and all over the United States while I enjoy living in the tropics in Puerto Rico.

Latakoo does great for collaboration when sharing a file of videos remote users and he/she can even edit and polish the video. Latakoo has multiple clients in the Journalism field that benefit greatly from this service.


I want to thank Jade Kurian for the time she gave me helping me understand Latakoo and watch this video that she created on some great tips on shooting video for the iPhone.

Feel free to learn more about Latakoo on their website or follow them on twitter @latakoo.