Easy Breezy! Bye bye Drupal… Hello Genesis!

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Although one of my best friends did buy a Hyundai Genesis and It looks like a great car, that is not the kind of Genesis I substituted Drupal with. Weeks ago I was convinced by my online mentor @chrisbrogan that I needed to move over to the Genesis Framework on WordPress. My biggest issue was that I had all my sites in Drupal. I had spent a good amount of time more than a year trying to understand Drupal and had so much to learn still I needed to look for another option.

Genesis 16-Bit

Although when I was in college I use to make extra income developing websites in Coffecup, Pure HTML, and Frontpage I have never been a developer by choice I have had to develop because of need.When I started CIMA IT Solutions Corp. I had to catch up on trying to create websites. Having been very involved and committed to my previous jobs as an IT Auditor, Risk Management, IT Security ,and IT Governance Consultant I lost my edge in creating websites (if I ever had one).

The first websites we created where coded in PHP and knowing myself in the attempt to simplify I really complicated everything into some very complex code even I had to go back every once in a while to see what I had done. Coding in pure PHP was a big disaster so I ended up moving to Drupal where I experimented with Twitpuerto.com (which now runs on the Genesis Framework also). Drupal is very complete and complex and after using the Genesis Framework for weeks I realize even more what a huge learning curve using Drupal is.

When I started my switch to the Genesis Framework I was getting surprise more and more of the benefits and how quickly I got things completed.

Not only are there many plug-ins that work well with the various themes they are installed thru WordPress instead of using the server to install.

Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy

I was so amazed by how easy setting everything up. Even the tutorials offered by StudioPress (affiliate link) are hassle free and direct to the point. I am so used to tutorials being long and sometimes more challenging than you given it a stab yourself (especially being very impatient when trying to get something done). In conclusion it was a lot easier than I thought.

Brief Overall Features from the Genesis Framework

  • Cost Effective – The many themes and child themes that are included are well worth the price but the real bonus is in the time you save to get everything running.
  • Simple – It can get any simpler than having various layouts with an instruction manual to get it layed out.
  • Awesome Templates – If have used and worked with premium templates for a few clients. In other cases I rather start from scratch. Not only do you get something highly customizable they look awesome and very appealing to the eye.
  • Customizable – The templates include all files where you can modify images and instructions on more customization.
  • Tutorials – Straight to the Point Tutorials with easy to understand videos, images, and text.

Easy Money

ROI, Easy Money

Different to other premium themes StudioPress gives you the opportunity to earn some income by becoming an affiliate.

Not only do they offer a commission but they also offer great contests which if you win it can make it even easier for you to get your ROI even quicker.

Another Genesis

I use to be a big fan of the Genesis Game Console and the Genesis Hyundai looks very appealing but hands down my favorite Genesis is the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. It’s the only one I know that offers reliability and an attractive opportunity to get a Return on Investment.

Genesis Framework for WordPress


  1. edythemighty on January 13, 2011 at 12:54 am

    If it’s only a blog, you should definitely stick with WordPress. If you want to go beyond just a few static pages and your regular blog, that’s when you bust out Drupal. The learning curve is steep as hell, even in Drupal 7 which has begun a shift towards ease of use, but it’s still definitely a developer’s power tool.

    • Raul Colon on January 13, 2011 at 12:57 am


      Como te va? Thanks for reading and commenting! I have to agree with you it definitely is a power tool. But I guess if you are not a developer with a framework like Genesis you can get a lot done :).

      How is everything on your side?