Early Morning near the Beach

Isla Verde in the Morning

10 years ago my daily routine was waking up at 3:45am getting into a car and driving for 90 minutes to beat traffic and get my workout out of the way.

Then I trade the long car ride for a similar train ride. The latter was more pleasant and kept me more productive. I still rose early in the morning so I could make it to work before everyone else.

I thought that by getting there early I would be able to get an advantage on any projects that had to completed.

With time I have learn to appreciate sleeping in. My office is just feet away from my bedroom. Today I woke up earlier than usual and I decided to go for a walk as the sun was rising.

The sun, runners, walkers, and a few individuals enjoying the Atlantic in November greeted me.

I took a few pictures and realize how I had already started my day by creating.

So what was the first thing you did after waking up this morning? Was it productive?

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