Danny Fornaris Producer, Musician, and Entrepreneur

Entrevista a Danny Fornaris

For quite some time I’ve asked myself who Danny Fornaris was even though I’d heard him on Alternative and Reggaeton tracks.

Little did I know, that he is also the voice of some brands in Puerto Rico.

I had the opportunity a few days ago to listen to his album thanks to my friend Fabiola when she  shared it on Facebook.

I was impressed by how such a talented producer and musician could dominate a spectrum different music genres.

I tweeted out via my Spotify app that I was listening to his new album and Danny thanked me. He also made me aware that I could download his work on 3 Kings Day for Free.

I went ahead and downloaded the album but will definitely buy it to support the awesome work he has done.

Who is Danny Fornaris?

I focused my interview on who Danny Fornaris is as an entrepreneur and individual.

Danny was kind enough to share his experiences and how he overcame challenges. From trying to get his tracks listened to by Tego Calderon to finally landing the opportunity to have his tracks in many albums of influential reggaeton artists. Perseverance was one of the main takeaways from this interview.

Valuable Advice from a Succesful Entrepreneur

I was planning for a 15 minute interview but the conversation kept flowing. Seeing how much valuable feedback Danny gives us as an entrepreneur, I kept it going for a full 51 minutes.

He ends the video interview with a powerful message that can be practical if we apply it.

Once again thank you Danny for taking the time to chat with me.

Get Tripulante

Feel free to go over to DannyFornaris.com and buy his new album, Tripulante.