Connecting Art & 2 Very Talented Ricardos Via My iPhone

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A bit more than a month I had to visit my sick grandma in Connecticut and had the opportunity to attend one of the Hispanic Heritage Events that my client the Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County ( ran. The event was bringing local artists and artisans to show their work along with a live music and drinks.

I was invited to the event by the @PRPFC committee and I had the opportunity to meet a few individuals who I have been communicating with online and I wanted to meet in person. Having the opportunity to meet a few of them which I will leave for another post was an awesome opportunity which brought me closer to seeing all the work the folks at the @PRPFC accomplishes.

Connecticut’s Latino Talent

During the evening I had the chance to bump into a photographer and artist named Ricardo Murillo (@SELFMATHEMATIKS) who had a table setup sharing some of his work. While talking to Ricardo who is from Salvadorian and Costa Rican parents I was able to connect with him since he had visited Puerto Rico a year before to work for the Latin Billboards which where hosted in San Juan.

Ricardo had captured many neat images of San Juan, one of the images he captured was a whale from a mural in Santurce. Ricardo had been searching for the author of that mural for some time and had not identified them. I quickly snapped a picture on my smart phone sent it to my good friend and Puerto Rico Art Encyclopedia @ricklipsett and within minutes I was able to give Ricardo the name of the author.

Ricardo Lipsett my good friend who I have written about in my blog previously because of how talented he is and he was the mastermind behind this blog’s logo and @cimapr’s logo was able to provide me detailed information on the mural even an article he had written in 2009 on the mural. He provided the artists real and artist’s name.

Puerto Rican Art Displayed in Times Square

The reason Ricardo Murillo had been searching for the artist was because part of the mural would be in display in Times Square and he wanted the original mural artist to get adequate attribution.

With the effort of Ricardo Murillo and the help of Rick Lipsett we where able to identify who should get attribution for the work of art. To many this might not mean much but too me the fact of connecting interesting facts and learning more about art via a relationships that pretty much started online is something that I would like to happen more often.

I want to thank Rick Lipsett for always giving me a helping hand and I want to thank Ricardo Murillo for taking one of our local Puerto Rican Artists like Nepo who create the mural and exposing their art at a key place like times square.

Without the power of online platforms and smartphone the task of finding such interesting facts would be much more complicated.

Do you have anecdote or experience that was enhanced by online presence and/or a smartphone?

To read a bit more about Ricardo Murillo here is a link written by the Connecticut Post.

Stratford photographer featured on Times Square billboard


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    Thanks for the mentions. I did not realize the impact, my very simple gesture pressed upon you. It is always my pleasure to help out. Thanks for expressing your thoughts here, and mentioning me.