Christmas, Dying Cats, Good Ads & Bad Ads


By kenyai

It really annoys me when I see bad advertising especially ads that have the old school mentality of any mention is a good mention. On the other side I really enjoy when I get too see great advertising work.

Yesterday while at the movies waiting to see Harry Potter I saw two commercials ( I hardly ever watch TV so I only see commercials online or at movie theaters) that really caught my attention (one in a positive way and the other in a negative way). One of them really had the 4 C’s (Content, Context, Connection, and Community) clearly the other one was missing most of them.

Awesome Advertising

I really enjoyed the song Shake Up Christmas by @train (to the point that I bought it on Itunes). I think the content of the song reallybrings all the other elements of the commercial together. I also had the opportunity to learn of this great band @train.
Santa Claus holding the globe really makes us connect with our childhood and with Christmas which for many of us are very special. I remember I was a big fan of Santa Claus and Snow globes during my childhood. Where you?
It also shows how the store owner closes the shop and the employee working gets to make it on time for dinner and share with his love ones.
Another element, which could not be missed, was a pet. I love pets everyone loves pets adding one to such a family oriented commercial is only going to make it better.

At the end of the commercial I felt like grabbing a @CocaCola. Personally I have been connected to the brand since my Grandfather worked for the company many years and I felt even closer this past March when I went to @CocaCola World in Atlanta and was able to see many of the things my Grandfather had in his @CocaCola collection when I was a child.

The commercial was very effective in selling more @CocaCola.
Dying Cats and Bad Advertising
This Toyota Commercial is in Spanish and directs you to the domain which is a direct link to their Youtube Channel really has no relevant content.
It grabs your attention while it confuses you. I had to explain the commercial to another person of what was my interpretation but in reality I am not sure if I grabbed the message.
I just can’t identify with the Message “Aun Mas Raro es Verlos Fallar” (in Spanish means rarely you see them break down or with issues) when Toyota has had more than enough news regarding their vehicles having issues these last few years.
Even if we take those issues of the table I really want to make sure that if my car fails I am going to have a brand that fixes it. Not like Toyota who denied for a long time that their Prius models where not having issues. In reality I want a transparent brand.
My car is going to fail and when it does I want to make sure I don’t have a nightmare story like the one I shared online at with the local Puerto Rico Mercedes Benz representatives.
The only way I can connect with the advertisement is that it will be Rare or almost impossible for me to buy a Toyota since when I went car shopping I got very bad customer service from one of their representatives here in Puerto Rico Triangle Dealers (which also has an F in customer service in many aspects).
4 C’s
Content Excellent

Great Music

Great Video

Poor or None
Context Creates an experience Of no relevance to any audience.

Made me connect with my Childhood and the brand. I might have to buy @CocaCola for Thanksgiving and Christmas. No connection to possible customers or past customers.
Community I think this can connect very well with the community of @CocaCola Drinkers since at many special moments in our life @CocaCola has been present. I am not sure how they tie this commercial to there community of Toyota Owners.

I was thinking of writing something of the commercial when someone handling the @cocacola twitter name thanked me for a RT.

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Great example of engaging with your customers via twitter which inspired me into writing this post.

Have you seen any great commercials, which had the 4 c’s? Have you experienced advertising, which you can’t connect at all?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments Area?