Bartending & History Lessons Via Twitter

Lessons from @ev & @louispagan

These last few days I have been able to refresh my bartending skills via twitter.While in College I worked as a Waiter & Bartender in the southern part of Puerto Rico and my hometown of Ponce.Those where fun times. The biggest benefit was learning how to deal with people (sober & drunk).
Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico
Hollywood Cafe Ponce, PR 2000 (photo was taken with a Sony Mavica FD-90)

While being a bartender my co-workers use to poke fun at all the cocktail recipes I use to download from the internet and experiment with (when we had downtime) at the bar. At one point they nicknamed me the Cybernetic Bartender

I think that sent me on my way to find my passion in IT Consulting and only continue as a bartender on family & friend private events (as a volunteer although I do accept tips).

Reading my timeline on Twitter I saw the following interesting tweet by @ev.!/ev/status/27594909862

Having heard of Twitter promoting wine (@fledgling) I made the following comments regarding the whiskey to @ev and I was so lucky I got a reply back from @ev.!/ConsultantRC/status/27594624321

@Ev’s Reply!/ev/status/27594909862

Little did I know that I was going to get some Whiskey Liquor History 101 by Twitter’s Co-Founder @ev.

After so many years of being a fan of Bourbon Whiskey I did not know that Evan Williams has been distilled in Kentucky since 1783. What I found curious was that they are pending to open a Facebook account but have no Twitter presence (strange when the twitter co-founder promotes them on twitter).

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

@Chirp 2010 After Party @Ev & Me (He was very Approachable & I had the Privilege of Taking a Photo with him).

I aprecciate the time @ev took to reply to my tweet (although it did not surprise me) since I consider him one of humblest influential people (anotother being @chrisbrogan) I have met .

Searching more about the @fledgling project I found out that Twitter’s @Fledgling Wine was a fundraiser by Twitter for the Room to Read Effort. So if you are a wine lover and want to also donate to a good charity feel free to order a bottle via .

My second bartending refreshment tweet was found while reading @louispagan’s tweets (If you are not following him already you should follow him)on the Future Mojito.!/LouisPagan/status/28037900600

Future Mojito Video

Personally I really enjoyed seeing the process on how the mojito was created the only down side was that they used gelatin “non-vegetarian” to create the mojito (which will keep me away from trying it).

I use Twitter for many things but primarily for learning do you?

What have you found on Twitter educational and awesome lately?