Awesome Comeback Video Against UCLA’s Racist Rant!

My experiences traveling in the United States working on the corporate side and during my time in the military like many other hispanics I met uncomfortable situations with racist people. I approached those situations in various ways many of them getting confrontational and in other ways using humor and sarcasm to battle against it. I never took it personal but I always tried to do something so that no one else would have go through the same situation.

While we where working today @lucymfel started watching the video our twitter friend @franklogic posted on facebook.  I wish I would have had the creativity of @jfwong to turn the situation around in a very tasteful way. Many of us can take @jfwong’s example and take the non-confrotational approach teaching people that being racist means you are complete failure.

Where he really hit a home run was that he is selling the song on and proceeds go to charity.

Jimmy Wong Ching Chong Means I love YouI hope you enjoyed @jfwong’s approach of killing them with kindness.

So next time you are in a similar situation make sure you kill them with Kindness and follow @jfwong’s example!