A Solid Community

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So many people try so hard at building an online community. Others just make sure they take care of others and end up having a pretty solid one.

After publishing No More Morning Puerto Rico Radio for Me! I actually realized how someone who I have admired for being different in local morning radio has created a very solid online community.

Yesterday when I wrote my post I did not expect many people to read it and much less share it. I was amazed how in just a few hours It had been shared more than 43 times on facebook. I was extremely happy that people where showing their support for @nelsonbermejo.  I consider @nelsonbermejo good friend which by being humble, taking care of others, and very approachable has helped him build a good following online and offline.

Locally as I have written in the past s I have seen how local radio celebrities are trying to grab quantities of followers to continue broadcasting the same nonsense they broadcast over the airwaves. What most of these local radio personalities that are so full of themselves don’t realize is that people really don’t care about them.

I care about @nelsonbermejo as much as he cares about his community.  I saw many people on facebook express their feelings and send good vibes his way. These people don’t realize that they are a few of the many the brave ones that had the courage to speak up and express there feeling.

I went ahead and sent an email to info@estereotempo.fm because there contact form was not working. For those of you that like to use other traditional channels feel free to call, fax, or mail your concerns.

San Juan: (787) 622-9700
Address: Calle Frances Lote #42 Amelia Industrial Park Guaynabo P.R. 00968

I appreciate the effort of everyone sharing my post but it would be even greater if we can get SBS to realize what a big mistake they made.

We already know traditional channels like to quiet local online efforts just as they hang up on someone that calls in with different views.

What are we going to do to have our voices heard?

I have seen how @nelsonbermejo replies to everyone trying to motivate them via the airwaves or online I think we owe it to him to support him by showing these Radio Executives that @nelsonbermejo has a following other than what the ratings say.

What would you do to get the message through? What is the best approach?

If you leave your concerns on my blog I will make sure that I mail and fax it to SBS in the next few days.

Feel free to leave a comment and show your support for @nelsonbermejo by leaving your thoughts!