A Picture is worth a 1000+ Hashtags

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

I remember when I first started using twitter one of the features that captured me was the powerful hashtag. Seeing the evolution of the hashtag cross-platforms and the increase in their use make me realize how much things can change.

I remember that when I would explain to people what it was it would take me longer than usual to have them understand it. Back then I wrote a few posts on how to use hash tags and what they were and even after sharing multiple examples people would had a hard time understanding them.

Fast-forward to today, other platforms are using the Hashtag which makes it easier to visualize what it is used for. I use Hashtags on Google + to help people find my content.

A picture worth many hashtags

I see people using hashtags on almost every post on Instagram.  A higher ratio of people will use one or many hashtags on Instagram. This makes me think that is easier to tag an image with a hashtag than a tweet or an update.

Being a visual person I sometimes forget that when capturing or creating an image, I can make it easier to understand what what I am trying to say.

A picture is worth a thousand words and  if Instagram users had the time, they would probably add that many hashtags to a picture.

I tend to keep the use of hashtags to a few. My friend and Instagram Super-User and Photography mentor Nelson Bermejo (on twitter @nelsonbermejo), suggested I use a few more so people can find my content.

At the moment some of my favorite hashtags are the following:

  • #Vegan and #WhatVegansEat
  • #PuertoRico
  • #IslaVerde
  • #Clouds and the controversial variation #CloudPorn
  • #Sky and the controversial variation #Skyporn.

The more I use Instagram and I use hashtags to monitor conversations happening on  topics that are of my interest, I realize that by understanding how each tool works, the greater the value you can extract from a platform.

What are your favorite Hashtags on Instagram? What do you use Hashtags for?

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