A Great Relationship Landed Me Some Affiliate Income

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I am so happy that yesterday I finally made my 1st Significant StudioPress Affiliate Sale to a Friend. I was not able to buy a porshe or even a yugo with the  cash but compared to other efforts I was very happy with the commission of just one sale.

As many of you know I switched over to the the Genesis Framework (affiliate link) a few months ago and I am already getting a return on investment.

Genesis Framework for WordPress

Following @chrisbrogan’s advice I have been able to focus on creating content and be less hands on regarding the design side.

Today I had the privilege to see what an affiliate sale can feel like. After spending a bit more than 2 years on trying to get my first Google AdSense Check I was able to in just weeks reach almost the same amount of profit by promoting the Genesis Framework as an affiliate.

My friend @julito77 (which I thank many times) was my first customer.

Many people talk about making money on the internet in an easy way but  it really is about building relationships.

I have been interacting with @julito77 for a few years. For those of you who see my #FollowFriday’s get translated to #vivaviernes, @julito77 is the reason why I use the term he created the hashtag.

This demonstrates once again that if you want to make money online you have to make sure your create a relationship first.

What type of customer (online and offline) do you make the most profitable sales too? A stranger? or an Acquaintance?

For those of you that one to see how effective having a premium wordpress theme is. Take look at what we created in a few hours for VegLatino.com

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

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  1. Prometeo on February 9, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    Congratulations! There is no better sensation than that of accomplishing something one has really worked hard into. My sense of accomplishment comes almost near April every year when my first grade student begin to read by themselves. Looking forward to it.