5 Quick Steps to Recover After #SXSW

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I am writing this on my flight back from my second SXSW.  The main thing on my mind is how I will make sure to get everything in order the next few days. Another important thing is making sure I continue the conversation alter the conferences with those I met.

It was great seeing people I met online and had the opportunity to shake their hand.

1. Make a List of People you have to Contact

In a conference like SXSW the amount of Business Cards you collect and people you meet can be overwhelming. In order not to disappoint those you agreed to keep in touch with I recommend creating the following lists:

  1. People you promised things too.
  2. People you want to touch base with because you seen future opportunities.

2. Continue the Conversation

I also tend to want to continue the conversation after I leave the conference. That is my main purpose when I go to conferences to create relationships with individuals I have not met before. To make sure you keep the conversation going you might be able to do the following Things.

  • Create a list of people you met on Twitter or make a separate circle on Google Plus.
  • Visit the blogs of those you met and comment on their posts.
  • If you have there email send them a personalized email.

3. Make a list of your priorities

And you probably neglected a few things because of how busy you where during the conference.  I know I did.

I have a list of items that I will be taking care of in route home and in the next few days. I will make it a priority to take care of these tasks before I get anything else completed.

4. Make some time for those love ones

Make some time for those love ones that you might have not seen in a few days. As my daughter keeps growing it makes it more difficult for me to leave the house. Looking at how much I need to complete I need to make sure I make some quality time with my daughter.

5. Share your photos and experience

If you took photos of the conference it is very important that you shared them as soon as possible. People are excited about coming back from the conference and want to share with others. Even better yet if you share the pictures on your blog or a place where others can get a feel of what happened during the conference.

How do you recover from a conference?

I shared my 5 key steps into recovering from #SXSW or any other conference how do you recover from it? Any tips? Did I leave anything you think will make it easier on others out.




  1. Prometeo on March 15, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    I just lie in bed until I’m fully restored but I’m taking a cue form your post to apply it to myself.