My first view at 35... Make it an awesome day...

The first thing I did this morning was get up and take a picture of my first view.

For me hitting a milestone of 35 is an interesting perspective. I can only think that when I have double my age I will be hitting 70.

Early Swim

The second thing I did was go into the water. Although I am luck enough to live on the beach. I don’t always make the time to make it over to the water.

It was before 7am so most tourists are still sleeping and those on the beach are the locals walking their dogs.

I look into what I have done the past 5 years and how turning 30 was completely different. When I hit 30 I still did not think of being a parent. Weeks later we found out that our daughter was on her way.

At 30 I had left more stable job opportunities to set up my first projects on my own.

I still had some large clients that kept me doing IT Security work and what I made in one month was pretty impressive. But short after that I started shifting into doing more meaningful work.

Business and Family Trip to the Northeast

Work that means a lot to me. This birthday weekend I will invest it traveling to my client sites up in the northeast.

I am lucky enough that both have been friends for almost a decade now. I met them both as coworkers at KPMG in New York City.

I get to go over the details of Holistic Bonfire’s new website version with Ajay and Suruchi. They both have who have always been supportive of me in many ways. The past few months they have been some pretty awesome clients to work with.

I also get to sit down with Nicko and discuss what is next at Uncle Gussy’s now that the Busy season has started. Nicko is also one of the key actors in Snapple’s latest commercial of their made in New York Campaign.
I am more than overjoyed that my successful friends count on me for the advice my team and I provide.

My daughter’s first visit to New York

As for the treat to take my daughter to New York City on my 35th birthday it means a lot

New York city is a place which has connected me with many important people that are part of my daily life.

I can’t wait to take Daniela over to see times square and so some touristy stuff.

Working and Investing time with those I love and care for

In the next few days I will be working and spending time with people I love (and get to work with).

The reason that almost 7 years ago I decided to go on my own was to be around people that shared common values with me.

I am lucky enough to have such great people that support our work.

I am thankful that you took the time to read these unfiltered thoughts on my birthday.

My Birthday Wish.

I know a few of you like my friend Lusbeth already fulfilled my birthday wish. She send a donation to my favorite charity Invisible People.

So if you can skip your next coffee to help Mark Horvath get the homeless under a roof of their own it would be the best birthday gift.

If you do send me an email at raul@limonadeinc.com and I will send you a surprise on my birthday.

A Gift from My Creative Friends

I was joking with our friend Payasa Agapita that I wanted a clown for my birthday.

They sure made me smile early in the morning with this live stream.