3 Wishes…

Aurora Borealis vs Shooting Star

I am not a big fan of celebrating the holidays. I knew I had to visit the hospital but I thought it was going to be for Daniela’s arrival. Daniela has decided to start misbehaving and not meet her first deadline (being born on December 23rd), which as a new father worries me (I’m just kidding). I am at the hospital visiting my Grandma and the best gift I got today was seeing how much she has improved in the last two days. I want to thank all of you who sent good vibes via phone, Twitter, email, text messages, or even telepathic good vibrations. They are definitely working.

Last night minutes after presencing a small earthquake I had the opportunity to see a shooting star (something even more special on christmas eve). I did ask for a wish and I quickly got want I wanted seeing my Grandma a lot better today.

What do you wish for when seeing a shooting star?

For the last few months I read about @hardlynormal’s blog http://invisiblepeople.tv/ (@invisiblepeople & @wearevisible )He helps homeless people in multiple ways and does a great job. In essence I think the best thing he gives them is a lot of hope.

I originally wanted to post a fun Christmas video but I rather share this video that was posted on http://invisiblepeople.tv/ so you get a bit of what @hardlynormal is getting accomplished and also meeting Precious.

Precious requests two great wishes. What is even more awesome about her is that she wants the best for everyone especially the people around her in the same situation as her? She is so humble that she only had two wishes which both where for everyone to have a House and a Job.

Following Precious example I am going to give out my 3 wishes. I wish that at least one person that reads this blog tells someone else about @hardlynormal’s effort, donate to his effort, or help out someone in need today and at least once a week for the new year.

What are your three wishes? Are your wishes aligned to your well being or the benefits of others?

Enjoy your holiday weekend and be Grateful of what you have and the great moments you spend with your family members.

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