Now LinkedIn in Spanish

I received this morning a notification and good news from LinkedIn that it is available now in Spanish ( I have been using LinkedIn for a good amount of time and I did not know I could change my options to Spanish.

I collaborate on various blogs and on LinkedIn I help manage a group called Friends of Puerto Rico founded by fellow technology colleague and good friend Ramon Morales (@guarionex88).

One of the group’s main objectives and purposes is linking Puerto Ricans and other people that have a link to Puerto Rico via LinkedIn. The group shares information, ideas, news, events, and their opinions on various subjects related to past, present, and the future of Puerto Rico.

Personally I think that having LinkedIn in Spanish helps greatly in attracting more Spanish speakers into LinkedIn.

Locally (Puerto Rico) I have seen how the presence has increased significantly in having local users create accounts. On the other side most of these accounts have not been completed and their interactions on the social network are limited or none.

Having LinkedIn in Spanish might help Spanish speakers find more use to the site and increase their interactions.

What other benefits do you see in having the opportunity to use LinkedIn in Spanish?

If you are interested in learning more about the Linked in Group Click the link below:

Friends of Puerto Rico Group on LinkedIn