My 3 words for 2013

Isla Verde New Year's Day 2013

Many people go crazy by creating resolutions and of goals that they probably don’t believe they are going to reach during the first few weeks or days of the new year. While I was doing my last workout of 2012 yesterday with our neighbor’s husband who is German and lives in Romania part of the…

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Science, Rock, Reading, & Eating Well

Pecha Kucha - Seriously Creative

I rarely go to local events. I spend more time reading blogs and interacting with people either at the beach or online than actually making it to a specific social gathering. I have to find valuable reasons and connections to go out and meet-up with people these days. I love music and going to an…

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It’s Fun to Accept Failure #PechaKucha

Angiemille - Seriously Creative Pecha Kucha # 11

The advantage of collaborating with Mark Hayward for the #140Meetup was getting to meet Dana Montenegro and Angiemille Latorre from Seriously Creative. Being invited to my second Pecha Kucha served as an opportunity to remind us on finding solutions and collaborating more if we want to improve our environments. On arrival I chatted with Ramphis…

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Honoring The Fallen!

Memorial Day Weekend 2005

The first time Lucy and I visited D.C. was in 2005 on Memorial Day weekend. We reached D.C. at 4pm and walked for hours. We finally gave up bit over midnight and decided to head back to the hotel. On Saturday we woke up as early trying to do as much as our short visit…

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Easy Way to Share Video

Latakoo SXSW 2012

On my visit to SXSW (South by Southwest) I was able to meet Jade Kurian president of Latakoo a video service that makes creating and sharing video easier. They also made me create a short video based on my SXSW experience. Creating Video Easier The reason I stopped at the Latakoo booth on the Trade…

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