What Makes A Successful Blog Post?

I read @webby2001 post on Looking for Money in the Grass which really got me thinking about how my approach towards creating content is more driven by what I feel about writing than going by statistics increasing the probability of it being read or what factors can actually bring more people in. My first objective […]

What 1 Blog Post Taught Us About ROI

When we talk about ROI I am clearly talking about Return On Investment and similar to my friend Olivier Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder) author of Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization (Amazon Affiliate Link)) who has taught me plenty on this subject I have to say that it can only be measured […]

Feeling Presidential before my Presentation thanks to ISACA & @caribehilton

Today I am writing my morning pages here from the Presidential Suite at the Caribe Hilton. I have always been a fan of this hotel since there is so much history tied to it. This is the first Hilton outside the Continental U.S. and Conrad Hilton won the proposal to build this hotel given that […]

Why I Blog?

I try to write a few blog posts a day. On some occasions I get lucky and I am able to write more than two on others I write two long posts. I have seen how preparing posts ahead of time puts me in the position of being able to create content that looks more […]

ISACA Latin CACS – Corporate Guidelines for Social Media Efforts

A few months ago I decided to sign up to talk at Latin CACS Conference being held in San Juan where I will be holding a session on Corporate Social Media Guidelines Corporate Guidelines for Social Media Efforts .  Having worked in the IT Security & Governance field for many years I wanted to give my insight of the […]

Localization & Globalization Can Cause a Loss in Translation

In many occasions you have various companies dealing with issues because they set up their website as a global effort without taking into consideration how different even one language can be for many individuals. I Thought I Gave you a Compliment? When I was in the U.S. Army I remember visiting Honduras and El Salvador […]