Revised: GroundHog Day! What Shadow will you Cast?

Post Originally Published on 02/02/2012 was reviewed as part of my annual GroundHog day reflection exercise. After watching the movie GroundHog Day with Bill Murray where Bill’s character perceived every day as the same. It also gave him the opportunity to improve just one day over and over again by learning of his mistakes in the […]

Effective Thought Sharing

Finding things in common between people can be difficult. Even when you are looking at what you might think is the simplest form of a visual element, can turn into something very complex for someone else who is looking at it. Putting words together When I write, I simply type words and formulate messages that […]

Visualizing the Impact Equation

A book that covers online communications and starts with the phrase: “Ceci n’est pas un social networking book” Is a book I definitely want to read! Before I continue writing about this great book that helps us understand how communicate and create relationships with current emerging technologies, I want to explain that I am a […]

Seriously Creative IDEA Engineering

Ideas pop out of everywhere, some of us have ways to nurture them and make them come to life. Some of us need help developing good ideas into projects. Last week I had the privilege of getting invited to the IDEA Innovation Workshop that Dana Montenegro and Angiemille Laratorre from Seriously Creative offer. This half-day […]

Cerveza Buye Elves

This is post five on my Igniting a Revolution Series. Different to the previous posts where I have focused on the positive side of creating a full customer experience, this time I look into the opposite side of when brands disappoint me.  I touch some of the things local brands like Cerveza Buye can fix when communicating online to […]