What is the Obsession with having More Followers?

Is reach more important than intimacy? Checking my Twitter this morning I ran into a username, which looked familiar. I was being followed by @kresspr, which apparently seems to be the Twitter name for local Kress Stores (local retail store). Here is a Retro Commercial for Kress Stores for those of you who might have […]

Start of the Referral Engine…

Great Knowledge for Any Business Managing referrals! During my attendance at the Inbound Marketing Summit (#IMS10) I had the opportunity to listen to John Jantsch and his presentation “The Realities of Referral – How and why companies really generate referrals“. His presentation was really refreshing information and a perspective of Social Media and marketing that many […]

Follow Along #IMS10 (Inbound Marketing Summit)

Here at the Inbound Marketing Summit The last day of the #AYCJ and it was a fun month. Today I am at the  “Inbound Marketing Summit” waiting to listen to some great presentations. I found out about the summit via @chrisbrogan. If you are interested in following along the speakers and agenda feel free to […]

To Socialize or Not to Socialize?

Socializing Should not be taken out of the Equation The biggest part of Social Media is the Social part. I read a few weeks ago a very interesting article by @thebrandbuilder (Olivier Blanchard) “The Social and the Media” in which he demonstrated how small details socializing with your customers can make a big difference. Flying on […]

Ping! Great Idea?

My First Experience I downloaded the new Itunes 10 and registered on Apple’s new Social Music Network Ping. At first I have to get use to thenew ITunes Icon which for a moment made me think I had removed iTunes from the Dock of my Mac. Registering on Ping I noted the following: Just as […]

Have You fallen for Deceptive Ads like These?

I have fallen many times for Deceptive Ads While visiting @thebrandbuilder’s blog today I realized that as much as I thought I was a very demanding customer I am probably not. Although I wish I had the talent of the @thebrandbuilder (Olivier Blanchard, a person who I admire greatly since he is currently writing his […]