“Who To Follow” Recommended by Your Timeline”

Not too crazy about “Who To Follow” Try This… Many people (including myself) are not crazy about Twitter’s “Who To Follow”. I have seen many complaints and even people requesting to have the feature removed. I received the feature a bit behind others that had complained already and then I understood some of them. In my case […]

Nobody’s Perfect, Not even My Favorite Airline


An Example to Follow In Social Media Everyone who is close to me they know I am a Big Fan of U.S. Domestic Airline @Jetblue. I have always admired how their company is so aligned to Customer Service when you compare it to other Airlines. Today while updating myself on the latest posts and news on Mashable […]

Hootsuite Goes Freemium! What!!!

Changing the Rules of The Game My favorite tool to manage multiple Twitter accounts is @Hootsuite. Today while reading Mashable I read that as of next week they will be changing their stucture into a Freemium model. They will offer 30-day trial option for the service’s Pro Plans which offer a variety of Premium features […]


FollowFriday.com New Website to Manage and View #FollowFriday I have been a fan of using #followfriday since I started using Twitter. I think of it as a way of being grateful to the key people who I interact with (on Twitter) during the week. When I first started using twitter every Friday I included most […]

World Cup Twitter App

For all those World Cup and Soccer Fans I highly recommend you to visit the TweetBeat World Cup Application created by the @kosmix team. You can read more about it and how @twitterapi team and @themattharris is planning to feature more Twitter Apps in the future at Twitter’s Blog. I also wrote a post in spanish regarding the […]

Now LinkedIn in Spanish

I received this morning a notification and good news from LinkedIn that it is available now in Spanish (http://www.linkedin.com/espanol). I have been using LinkedIn for a good amount of time and I did not know I could change my options to Spanish. I collaborate on various blogs and on LinkedIn I help manage a group […]