They Litter Where You Vacation

As I write the first words of 2015 and I take the first pictures I find myself and environment I want to change. I walked today on the beach and took my first pictures of 2015. Thanks Moet Veuve Cliquot and a relaxing night with my family, I woke up later than I wanted. I […]

To the Warrior

After reading of the passing of a family member I watched the waves come and go this morning. I thought of the first time I realized we were mortals. The First Time I remember a Family Member Passing Away It should have been around 30 years ago when my uncle Pucho passed away. I was […]

Que Lindo es Puerto Rico

Last night I was able to watch the Banco Popular Christmas Special named, “Que Lindo es Puerto Rico”. With the help of the awesome Tania Torresola and her boss Luis Amed Irizarry , they pointed me towards the live online link of the special. Luis was nice enough to answer comments on Facebook guiding a few of […]

Endless Opportunities if Most Puerto Ricans Understood Kickstarter

As you read the headline I want you to put away any negative thoughts and read the rest of the post. If it really bothers you I can only hope you spread the word and help others around you understand how crowdfunding and kickstarter operates. Entrepreneurship is Generally Frowned Upon In my culture, the concept […]

How I captured the Attention of 10k+ people in a day

I have been sharing my thoughts and experiences online since I set up my first website in 1998 on; a version full of ads is still available on the free hosting service. It took me some time to set up my personal blog (this one) as a project. After running multiple blogs which were geared […]

13 “Perks” of Visiting The Best Beach of Puerto Rico on a Holiday!

After about 21 hours of sound pollution from people playing reggaeton ( I stopped counting because I fell asleep), I did not wake up early enough to capture most of the chaos left behind by locals and maybe a tourist or two. Clean up efforts started at around 9:30 p.m. and here I am sharing […]

Let the Puerto Rican Beach “Pigs” Pay

Today I saw a tweet by the Police of Puerto Rico communicating to every responsible citizen to bring bags for their trash and make sure they take the trash back home. Camino a la playa con la familia? No olvide llevar una bolsa de basura. Pásela bien y mantenga la playa limpia. — Policía […]