Brands that created a Positive #SXSW Experience

    In less than a week many creatives and digital geeks (myself included) start our annual pilgrimage towards Austin for the South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival. This will be my fourth SXSW Interactive experience and every year I try to plan ahead to make the most of the experience. I go to SXSW for many […]

Keeps Your Hands Free during SXSW

Yes it’s that time of the year again and I am getting ready to make my third pilgrimage to Austin along with many geeks, bloggers,  developers, and people interested in learning more about digital. Last year I created a few posts and a guide on making your SXSW experience an easier one.  I do this […]

Easy Way to Share Video

On my visit to SXSW (South by Southwest) I was able to meet Jade Kurian president of Latakoo a video service that makes creating and sharing video easier. They also made me create a short video based on my SXSW experience. Creating Video Easier The reason I stopped at the Latakoo booth on the Trade […]

Personal Interactions During my #SXSW Experience

Something I really enjoy are healthy interactions where I am able to interact with people who are creating and accomplished their goals in life and still going for the next thing. An even better treat is when I get the opportunity to interact with folks who have a solid track record at creating and building […]

Brain Powered Jedi Skateboard?

One of the neatest things I have seen while at #SXSW has been seen a skateboard powered by your brain and the waves it produces. The video below shows how Pablo Tirado was able to move the skateboard by just thinking to move forward. For those of you that wanted to power things with just […]

No Cash Hand your Card to a Stranger

It had been quite some time since a I had been stopped by a HariKrishna offering me books or their materials. I think the first time was when I was 18 and in the Army. Yesterday while going to lunch we got stopped by a HariKrishna offering us some books in Exchange for a donation. […]

RT Pic with Cute Puppet Donate to Charity #Libboosxsw

I ran into Katherine Pereira who is running a pretty neat campaign with the National Literacy Trust. It would be great if you could Retweet the following tweet it would help out a lot. If you’ve seen any of the sock puppet videos, you might be asking yourself what they’re all about, and today we’re […]